© 2002 David Drysdale

Many people are familiar with the modern day sport of googlewhacking. Somewhat fewer people are familiar with the bizarre concept of slash fiction.

One slightly drunken evening, a friend who shall remain nameless1 came up with the idea of slashwhacking: coming up with two fictional characters and determining that there is exactly one piece of slash fiction on the net that features those two characters.

Obviously, I think it should be considered cheating to specifically write a piece of slash fiction to achieve a slashwhack, but I guess if you're that desperate for kudos, go ahead.

Sadly, I think this will end up being Yet Another Idea on the Cannot Be Arsed pile, as slashwhacks are much more difficult to verify than googlewhacks—just searching for the participants names will usually result in far too many matches.

1Oh alright then, it was Mike.