UNIX Debugger Translation Table

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Debugger gdb lldb dbx adb sdb
Origin GNU system LLVM BSD Unix (thence Solaris, AIX, IRIX) AIX UNIX/32V
Invoke gdb exefile lldb exefile dbx exefile adb exefile sdb exefile
Invoke on core gdb exefile core lldb -c core -f exefile dbx exefile core adb exefile core sdb exefile core
Invoke and attach gdb exefile pid lldb -p pid exefile dbx exefile pid
Start execution with commandline run cmdline (or r) run cmdline or process launch cmdline run cmdline :r cmdline r cmdline
Quit debugger quit quit or exit quit $q q
Attach to running process attach pid attach pid attach pid 0tpid :A
Stack backtrace backtrace or bt thread backtrace where $c or $C t
List threads info threads thread list threads or lwps
Show current thread thread thread or lwp $l
Change thread thread n thread select n thread t@n
Add breakpoint on function break function breakpoint set --name function stop in function .function :b function: b
Add breakpoint at line break [file:]linenumber breakpoint set --file file --line linenumber stop at [file:]linenumber [function:]line b
Add breakpoint at address break *address breakpoint set -a address stopi at address address :b
Conditional breakpoint break … if condition breakpoint set … --condition condition stop … -if condition
List breakpoints info breakpoints breakpoint list status $b B
Clear breakpoint clear (current), clear line, clear filename:line breakpoint delete [id] clear (current), clear line, clear filename:line address :d, .function :d line d
Watch expression display expression display expression display expression
Remove watched expression undisplay expression or undisplay dispnum undisplay dispnum undisplay expression or undisplay dispnum
Display value print expression print expression or frame variable expression print expression variable / [format] variable / [format] or variable:?
Display local variables info scope frame variable dump $v * /
Move up/down stack frame up / down up / down or frame select --relative [-]1 up / down
Continue execution continue or c thread continue cont :c c
Interrupt execution <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-C>
Next line next thread step-over next s
Single step step thread step-in step S
Complete execution of function finish thread step-out step up :u
List source code list [linenum] list [linenum] list [linenum] z
Disassemble disassemble address disassemble -s address dis address address /i
List assembly disassemble listi address ?
Next instruction nexti thread step-over-inst nexti :e (not universal)
Step instruction stepi thread step-inst stepi :s i
Show registers info registers register read regs $r x
Examine memory x[/format] address memory read [-c count] address examine address [/ count] [format] address / [format] address / countb1x
Memory map info target $m M
Loaded libraries info sharedlibrary image list loadobject -list
Helpful Links Manual, download Tutorial, gdb command map Book, man page Manual, book man page
Debugger gdb lldb dbx adb sdb

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