Back Charleston Entry

The entry to the Back Charleston involves a slight shuffling of footwork. For six or eight count moves, the dancers' footwork is mirrored, but for the Back Charleston, each dancer does the same footwork on the same feet. Consequently, the transition into the Back Charleston involves a different rhythm for the leader and the follower—the leader does an even-even sequence, but the follower does an even-odd sequence so that she changes feet.

front view reverse view detail
1. M:BL W:BR Start from an open position, with the leader's left hand holding the follower's right hand. The leader takes a step backward on his left foot. The follower takes a step backward on her right foot.
2. M:RR W:RL The leader replaces his weight on his right foot. The follower replaces her weight on her left foot.
3. M:KfL W:KfR2L The leader performs a kick forward with his left foot, drawing the follower's right hand across to the right, held low, and passing it from his left hand to his right hand. The follower performs a kick forward with her right foot, turning 90° to her left. (image: direction of lead)
4. M:StL W:SR2L The leader lifts his left foot next to his right foot, with the left knee bent, taking the follower's left hand with his left hand at her right hand side. The follower takes a step to the side on her right foot, continuing to turn another 90° to her left to end up standing directly in front of the leader. (image: facing view)