MathML Conversion in Maxima

In late 2002 I decided that I wanted to learn more about MathML2.0, and also more about Maxima. So, in December 2002/January 2003, I wrote a new module for Maxima that converts from Maxima expressions to presentation MathML.

So far I've only tested with CLISP under Linux, and with display in Mozilla, so YMMV. All changes are against the 5.9.0rc3 code (I'd be glad to hear from anyone who tries it on other platforms).

In particular, I suspect that IE6 with MathPlayer will have problems with the style of MathML output, because it uses entity references from the MathML DTD, rather than explicit character references.

The main change is a new module in the src directory, which does the work and is heavily based on the mactex.lisp module. As such, this code is covered by the same GNU Public License as the rest of Maxima.

There are also a number of small diffs elsewhere, covering:

The test tool that I wrote works on scripts in the tests/ directory, to produce MathML output from each test case. Example output that includes all of the tests in the tests/ directory is here (for Mozilla/Netscape) or here (for IE with MathPlayer). [The difference between the two is that IE does not support the MathML DTD, so the page for IE has an explicit list of entity character references.]

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