xwindiff: Graphical Diff for X

I've programmed a lot in both UNIX and Windows environments, and I found that when I was working on UNIX machines I really missed having the "windiff" tool.

So, I've written a first pass at an X11 version of windiff, called xwindiff (obviously enough).

Note that my aim was to produce a quick and dirty clone of windiff; if you're looking for a graphical diffing tool with oodles of features and a rather prettier UI, you might like to try the splendid xxdiff

xwindiff in action

To build xwindiff, you'll need a UNIX system with X11 and Xt installed. The code is fairly portable; it's been built and run on:

The part of the code that does the real work is taken from GNU diffutils2.7. As such, the GNU General Public License applies to the entirety of xwindiff.

Download xwindiff-1.1 (143k)

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