Choreographed Sequences

Although this book concentrates on social, partnered dance, an evening of Lindy Hop often includes a few records that are dedicated to particular choreographed sequences. These sequences (sometimes known as "strolls") are performed by a large number of dancers, each dancing on their own but in synchronicity with the rest of the performers—effectively like a line dance.

As well as being a change of pace, these sequences are helpful as practice for a number of jazz steps. This is directly useful as inspiration for footwork variations, and more indirectly useful as a way of improving the movement style of the dancers. In a class situation, these sequences can also be used as a warm-up.

This section describes two of the most popular choreographed sequences, the Shim Sham Shimmy and the Jitterbugs Stroll. Both of these sequences also enjoy remarkable consistency around the globe—the same sequence is danced in a wide variety of places using the same choreography.

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