Back Charleston Simple Exit

As with the Back Charleston Entry, returning to six or eight beat moves requires that the dancers adjust their footwork from acting in unison to being mirrored. In this simple exit from the Back Charleston, this is achieved by the leader doing an even-even sequence, while the follower does an even-odd sequence so that she changes feet. At the end of this move, both dancers have their weight on the correct feet ready to perform a six or eight beat move.

left side view right side view behind view
1. B:PbL Start with the leader standing behind the follower, facing in the same direction, with the leader's left hand holding the follower's left hand and his right hand holding her right hand. Both the leader and the follower point backward with their left feet.
2. B:StL Both the leader and the follower lift their left feet next to their right feet, with the left knee bent.
3. B:KfL Both the leader and the follower perform a kick forward with their left feet.
4. B:TL Both the leader and the follower close their left feet to their right feet.
5. M:KfR W:KfR2R The leader performs a kick forward with his right foot, letting go with his left hand and raising the follower's right hand with his right hand to indicate the end of the move. The follower performs a kick forward with her right foot, turning 90° to her right. (image: leader lifts right hand)
6. M:RR W:CoR2R The leader replaces his weight on his right foot, lowering the follower's right hand and pushing it away from himself slightly. The follower brings her right foot next to her left foot without putting weight on it, continuing to turn another 90° to her right to face the leader. (image: leader pushes away)