Roll Round

The Roll Round starts from a double hand hold, and the leader sweeps his left hand over his head as the follower moves in, almost like swinging a cape across his shoulders, so that the follower travels clockwise around the leader, rolling back to back. The move is best done with slower music, to allow time for the follower to move around the leader without risk of her arms being pulled against the joints.

front view reverse view detail
1. M:BL W:TweFR Start from an open position, with the leader's left hand holding the follower's right hand. The leader takes a step backward on his left foot, momentarily rocking his weight back onto that foot. The follower steps slightly forward on her right foot with a twist step.
2. M:RR W:TwFL The leader replaces his weight on his right foot, rocking back forwards and offering his right hand to the follower. The leader pulls his left hand toward himself to lead the follower to step towards him. The follower steps forward on her left foot with a twist step, taking the leader's right hand with her left hand. (image: leader offers right hand for follower to take)
3. M:FL W:FR The leader steps forward on his left foot, stepping to the follower's right hand side and pulling slightly downwards with both hand to prevent the follower from doing a triple step. The follower steps forward on her right foot, stepping to the leader's right hand side so that the dancers are side by side, facing in opposite directions. (image: facing view)
5. M:TR W:FL2R The leader closes his right foot to his left foot, lifting his left hand up over his head and pulling his right hand horizontally forwards at the follower's waist height. The follower takes a step forward on her left foot, turning 90° to her right, turning under her right arm. (image: direction of lead)
6. M:TL2L W:TR4R The leader closes his left foot to his right foot, turning 90° to his left under his left hand and lifting his right hand up and behind his head. The follower closes her right foot to her left foot, continuing to turn another 180° to her right, now turning under both her hands.
7. M:TR2L W:TL4R The leader closes his right foot to his left foot, continuing to turn another 90° to his left , lowering his right hand as the follower completes her turn. The follower closes her left foot to her right foot, continuing to turn another 180° to her right, finishing her turn to face the leader.
8. B:0B Both the leader and the follower hold their positions.