First Move

The First Move is a frequent component of beginner's Modern Jive classes—as indicated by its name—and it (and its variations) are common moves on the social dance floor.

In Lindy Hop terms, it is roughly equivalent to a combination of a transition from open to closed position, followed by a Turn Under. However, these two moves would occupy 12 beats in Lindy Hop whereas the First Move takes 10 beats—the transition from open to closed position is done more quickly, equivalent to skipping one of the triple steps (which is possible because of the simplified footwork of Modern Jive).

front view reverse view detail
One. The leader moves his left hand in a small semicircle as both dancers step backwards away from each other. (image: hand movement)
Two. The leader steps forwards towards the follower, stepping to her right hand side. The leader also pulls his left hand towards himself to lead the follower to also step forwards; the follower steps to the leader's right hand side so the partners end up side by side, facing in opposite directions. The leader puts right hand on the follower's left hip; the follower puts left hand on the leader's right arm. (image: direction of lead)
Three. The leader pushes forwards then to the right with his left hand, leading the follower to step backwards. The follower turns 180° right and steps backwards on her right foot. (image: facing view and direction of lead)
Four. The leader brings his left hand back to just in front of his left shoulder, stepping slightly backwards as he does. The follower turns 180° left, stepping back in front of the leader. (image: direction of lead)
Five. The leader pushes away and lifts with his left hand, and also draws his right hand (on the follower's hip) to the left to lead a turn. The follower turns 360° clockwise under her right hand. The leader steps back away from the follower as she completes her turn.