Push Spin

This move is structurally the same as a six-beat spin in Lindy Hop, with the footwork rhythm removed. The flattening of the palm on the second step of the move is a common indication of an impending spin in Modern Jive.

front view reverse view detail
One. The leader moves his left hand in a small semicircle as both dancers step backwards away from each other. (image: hand movement)
Two. The leader pulls his left hand towards himself so both dancers step in closer to each other, face to face. The leader lifts his left hand to chest height and flattens his left palm, which indicates to the follower that she is about to spin. (image: hand position and direction of lead)
Three. The leader pushes away with his left palm; the follower spins 360° clockwise on the spot. The leader steps back away from the follower as she completes her turn.