The Yoyo is effectively the same as the First Move, except that the leader holds the follower's right hand in his right hand rather than his left hand. The body positions remain the same, but the change in hand produces a some alterations in the leader's arm positioning.

front view reverse view detail
One. The leader moves his right hand in a small semicircle as both dancers step backwards away from each other. (image: hand movement)
Two. The leader draws his right hand towards himself, lowering it slightly then bringing it up across his chest. Both dancers step in towards each other, moving to the other's right hand side so they end up side by side, facing in opposite directions. (image: direction of lead)
Three. The leader swings his right hand out to the right. The follower turns 180° clockwise and steps back on her right foot. (image: direction of lead)
Four. The leader brings his right hand back front of his chest, ending with the forearm vertical, blocking the follower's forearm. The leader steps slightly backwards. The follower turns 180° left, stepping back in front of the leader. (image: direction of lead)
Five. The leader pushes away and lifts with his right hand to lead a turn. The follower turns 360° clockwise under her right hand. The leader steps back away from the follower as she completes her turn.