The Scarecrow is a move derived from the Charleston, as indicated by the kicking actions at the beginning of the move. The main stylistic point for the move is to emphasize the difference between the two parts of the move. The first part of the move is linear and straight-limbed; the position adopted at beat 5 is emphatically not—every part of the dancer's body should be crooked and angular.

left side view right side view facing view
1. S:KxR Start with the dancer's weight on their left foot. The dancer performs a kick with their right foot across and in front of their other foot, then sweeps the leg smoothly back, keeping the leg straight.
2. S:0B The dancer continues the sweep with their right leg across from left to right.
3. S:SR The dancer takes a step to the side on their right foot.
4. S:SleTL The dancer closes their left foot to their right foot.
5. S:0B The dancer pushes out their heels and bends in their knees. They also lift both arms out to the sides, pointing the forearms vertically down, and lean their upper body to one side while tilting their head to the other side.
7. S:0B The dancer relaxes their position.